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Steps that Bloggers Forget with SEO Blog Post Publishing

When people start blogging, they think they only need to click and add new posts, typed up with some paragraphs, and then click publish. Then they just sit back and think that they will generate interest and traffic just because a site is live. Only to face the cold hard truth that that is only half the battle.

Now most people who figure this out just give up and call it quits. The other 1% actually take the time to study and realize it’s way more complex than they ever imagined, which isn’t a bad thing. If you are new to the world of blogging,  Phoenix SEO Services, or just internet marketing in general the information below will be very helpful for your online career.

Research Those Keywords

Before writing any article, you need to ask yourself some questions. What are your readers looking for and is it already available on the internet. You can do this by searching various keywords on the Google keyword Planner, which is a research tool going over the keywords typed in and how many people search those keywords. SEO Phoenix has a yelp page that you can even learn more from. You will want to make sure your blog post targets the most searched for terms.

Fine-tuning Your Content Headline

If you are using a keyword like “Healthy Skin” as the term you are wanting to rank for, you need to make sure that the word is as close to the front of the headline as possible. Below are some examples:

  • Top 5 Inspirational Tips for Entrepreneurs
  • 10 Best Extensions for Online Entrepreneurs
  • 10 Best Planned Pricing Evaluation Tables

here you will note that the keywords switched as the phrase best designed is another phrase that most people search for based on the provided keyword lists. To learn more make sure to checkout Elite Phoenix SEO on Manta.

Image SEO Benefits

Did you know your Images play a huge factor when it comes to SEO? When you put an image on your site you will want to make sure to save that image under a file name of  a keyword you would like to rank for. Doing this will allow the search engines to see what your page is about when they visit your website.

Provide Relevant Videos

This day and age if you aren’t producing high quality videos show casing your product or personality you are really missing out. For one most people would much rather a video than just text. Videos allow them to connect with you on a deeper level and keeps the visitor more engaged.  Adding your Videos to sites like Youtube could have a huge SEO impact for your business as well!

We will keep this post as basic as possible. Keep your eyes out for our next one, we will go deeper into more advanced tactics like building back links, title tags, meta tags, internal linking and more! Hope you found this helpful :)


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